As is closed, you may need a site to check the names is a domain name which was closely related to Webmoney service – a global system that allows tracking the funds, making secure transactions, resolving disputes and so on. Webmoney was launched back in 1998 and has already attracted more than 30 million people from all over the world. However, no matter how safe Webmoney service has always been, system’s convenience in making payments and transferring the funds has been actively attracting scammers and other criminals. Fortunately, innovative people decided to start spreading the word about those who fail to act according to the law. is considered one of these tools.

As you might have understood, page, which is closed at the moment, had mostly been acting as a black list of Webmoney account holders. Typically, it provided a list of dishonest people and crooks who were late with their promised payments and failed to pay the money for more than 30 days. The list of such holders included specific information written in Russian, such as user’s Webmoney ID, the date of birth, passport number, an address and similar details that were supposed to help potential victims avoid risky transactions. As it was expected, the page helped for hundreds of potential victims. The most popular scheme, used among Webmoney ID holders and mentioned on page, was taking a small loan, returning it and then swindling a big amount of money without returning it.

Besides various manufacturers, investors and similar criminals from all around the world, also included the names of famous hackers. The most famous of them was Dmitry Fedotov, also known as “Paunch.” He is known for releasing the program, reportedly a notorious software kit known as “Blackhole” and stealing more than $866 million from various financial institutions. On October 8, 2013, the hacker was arrested by Russian authorities.

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At the moment, is closed, so there is a natural need for another source of information related to cyber crooks and similar criminal activities. As cyber security is actively becoming one of the most important things in today’s society, experts recommend paying attention to both, hackers and viruses that they release. Nowadays, the most popular virus categories are ransomware, adware and browser hijackers. However, to swindle the money from unaware PC users, hackers have also started using tech support scams and similar techniques. As is closed, you may need a site to check the names of the most dangerous cyber criminals and their latest crimes. You can find the most of them on Make sure you visit this page repeatedly to keep yourself updated about the biggest dangers of the Internet.